Washable Mask Set X 5


Mask Set X 5

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One Mask Set includes:

  • Mask(adult or Kid) X 1
  • Additional Filtration Sheet X 2
  • Mask Case X 1
  • Mask Hook X 1

Mask Detail:

Product comes with a 3-layer protection feature that ensures an effective filtration of bacteria and germs while maintaining comfort.

  • Outer Layer : Microfiber Material
  • Filter Layer: PPE non-woven 100% polypropylene fabric
  • Inner Layer: DryCool material for wearing comfort

Product is produced using sustainable and top-grade materials that protects you and our environment at the same time. While product is reusable and washable, certain precautions should betaken to maintain the longevity and quality of our product.

Disclaimer Notice:

Our Masks are washable and reusable, and we highly recommend to wash the mask before first use.

Kindly take note that our face masks are not a direct replacement for medical grade masks, and under certain circumstances where such equipment is needed, kindly consults the advice of healthcare professional.

The decision to use this mask is solely your own, and Dolemon Sdn Bhd is not liable in any manner to the wearer for any losses, damages (direct or indirect), costs, liabilities, expenses, claims, or demands that may be incurred as a result of wearing the mask.

Weight: kg
Colors: white

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