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Item: DAGI Stylus Pen P604

DAGi Transparent Capacitive Stylus features a special see-through tip to enable the user to fully see what is on the screen as they draw or write. The multi-nationally patented design can greatly enhance the user's accuracy and efficiency.


Certified by ROHS, CE, CB, FCC, IEC and SGS, the DAGi Transparent Capacitive Stylus is available in several varieties and models to suit different purposes. 

The DAGi Transparent Capacitive Stylus is the ideal choice for both professionals and everyday users. It is the go-to stylus for Australian illustrator Andrew Popescu, Singaporean illustrator Joanne Soh and Microsoft Surface user Kevin from the US. The DAGi Transparent Capacitive Stylus is also recommended by the renowned German electronics magazine - c't Magazin.

Length: 142mm (full length); 132mm (tip hidden)
Diameter: 10mm
Colour: Red / Silver / Black
Material of holding body: Metal (anti-slip design)
Material of Tip: Plastic (Fit 8.3mm or 7mm)
Weight: 40g
The tip could be hidden by rotating the former part of the stylus.

◆ Normal ball pen and univeral stylus
◆ Accuracy
◆ Spring part increase tip flexibility
◆ Adjustable pre-angle of disc to suit your holding habit
◆ Long life time
◆ Tip can be renewed by user
◆ Ball pen ink can be replaced
◆ Transparent and elastic sensing tip (works better on handwriting and drawing applications)
◆ Power free
◆ Easy to paint/ draw / note
◆ Easy to aim at the small icon
◆ Easy to play games
◆ Slide smoothly
◆ High responsive and light action force
◆ Easy to do handwriting
◆ Easy to edit: Cut / Copy / Paste
◆ Easy to browse website

Weight: 0.04 kg
Dimensions: 142mm
Colors: Red / Black / Silver

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